September 24, 2012

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Below are the diary entries for September 24, 2012, with the newest entries added at the bottom. Also, check out today’s photos.

Eric Colorado, Kansas, Missouri
Eric (September 24, 2012)

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Another driving day so there isn't much to report. From Colorado we entered into Kansas where, at exit 135, we were suddenly detoured onto a dirt road (K-147) until we got back onto I-70 at exit 140. We could hardly see the road from all the dust the cars and trucks in front of us threw up! But at some point we could see there had been what looked like a pretty big accident on the Interstate.

We had lunch at a Sonic in Russell, KS. When we passed Abilene, I finally got a good shot of the water tower! It is strange, though, passing by all these places we've been in the past weeks in backwards order...

Around 4 we passed through Kansas City into Missouri, then crossed most of that state until getting to a hotel shortly before St. Louis. In Kansas, when Nicoline and I changed places, I had taken the opportunity to take to photos of the I-70 seen from an overpass (can't do that in Maryland, since all overpasses have fences); when we got to the hotel I waited until after dark and now took some photos of the I-70 by night from the overpass. I thought it was kind-of neat...

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Nicoline Colorado to Missouri
Nicoline (September 24, 2012)

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Another long day in the car today. We left the motel in Colorado at about 7.30 this morning and stopped for the night near St. Louis at 7 p.m. That includes a one hour time difference going from Mountain to Central Time, but still. We took a break for lunch at a Sonic in Russell, Kan. and stopped to switch places just about every two hours, but other than that, we just drove while listening to David Halberstam’s “The Coldest Winter. America and the Korean War.” We’ve progressed to disc 16 of 27 since leaving Cove Fort, Utah, just to give you an idea.

The drive was pretty uneventful. About one-third of the way through Kansas, near Ogallah, we were detoured for several miles because there had been an accident involving a tractor trailer. Definitely not looking good, to judge by the picture I managed to snap as we drove by it on some unpaved state route in a cloud of dust! If we see a sign for a Jiffy Lube or something, we may need to get the air filter replaced again...

We’ve seen lots of advertising on our cross-country trip, from just a sign exhorting people to vote for one candidate or another to so-called pro-life messages (Sister Joan D. Chittister says they should really be called “pro-birth” messages, but let’s not get into that...), signs to advertise one church or another, or billboards calling upon the public to accept Jesus, or commercial signs or whatever, but in eastern Kansas we came across the most offensive political billboard and the prize for the most annoyingly ungrammatical ad goes to an adult store in Missouri. If you can’t even figure out where to place the apostrophes, why should I think you have any idea about what I might find sexually stimulating?

By the way, we’ve decided it won’t do to skip Hannibal, Mo. on a trip down Main Street, as I-70 is nicknamed in Kansas, so we stopped just outside St. Louis in order to take one final side trip to Mark Twain’s birth place. After that, we’ll just scoot back down to I-70 and east to somewhere in Ohio. We expect to be home by September 26. A bit earlier than expected, but after three weeks on the road, home is starting to sound pretty good!

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