Mark Hi everyone! My name is Mark Grivel, and I am the youngest son on this trip! I am 13 years old! I like playing on the computer (surfing the web), hanging out with friends, playing trumpet, talking with my girlfriend; Shannon Patterson, and riding my bike. I also enjoy playing with my cat, Butterscotch, or Poes as we call her. I am a friendly guy that likes to make jokes and talk with friends. God.... this sounds like i'm trying to find a internet date....

ANYWAY, That's about it... Thanks for stumbling apon this site! ^_^

Well... there isn't much else to say... So.... Um..... Uh..... Hm...... Well... I can't think of anything else so.... Oh, no never-mind, I thought of something! I really like playing airsoft with my friends! I even have my own team; A.O.A., or Angles Of Arisoft!

~Mark Grivel~

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