June 25, 2007

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Below are the diary entries for June 25, 2007. We drove 461 miles (737 km) today; in total, we have driven 1243 miles (1988 km). Also, check out today’s photos.

Eric Alabama and Mississippi
Eric (June 25, 2007)

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We have a long trip today, from Atlanta all the way into Mississippi. We want to get through most of Mississippi today.

The first part of the trip is easy. We don't have any problem with rush hour traffic around Atlanta, and easily ride into Alabama.

Going through Alabama is a big stretch. We don't want to do just Interstates, so we take State Route 157 to cut through the state. For lunch, we take one of the side roads and find a spot where there is a bit of shade (it is getting quite warm by now).

Onward and upward, into Mississippi. Flat Sneaks, the Howard County Public Library cat, accompanies us, and we're getting in the habit of including him in our pictures. This way, he quite gets around.

One of the things that we find most noticeable about Mississippi is how green it is. The state is much greener, and a much lusher shade of green, than we thought! Continuing on US-72 through Mississippi, we come across the town of "Theo".

The photo of the "Theo Holiness Church" is here specially for my brother...

Instead of finding a hotel near Memphis, we decide to try the Chewalla Lake Recreation Area in the Holly Springs National Forest. This turns out to be a very cheap camp site ($7 for the night).

After setting up our tents, we want to go out for dinner, and decide to go down to Oxford, MS. We underestimated the drive; it takes an hour to drive down there. But we find it is a really nice little town.

We eat at the Rib Cage restaurant but find they don't have any ice cream for dessert. And we really wanted ice cream!

After dinner we walk some more through Oxford, and come to the Square Books bookstore. It is probably fortunate that these kind of bookstores are rare, otherwise we'd loose a fortune in them. Even without any space in the car, it is very hard to refrain from buying any books!

But then we find that they sell ice cream in the bookstore's cafe! Now we're entirely sold!

Mark Day three, On to Mephis
Mark (June 25, 2007)

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*Yawn* I wake up, this time I did sleep next to Frank. Not very pleasant, 'cause he smells. Anyway, I wake up, and have 3 bagels for breakfast. Yum, bagels. We head out. We are supposed to come to Memphis today, Thats far away, 7 hours of pure driving time... Well, we get in the car and start on our way. I sit in the back and watch Beverly Hills Cop III. We stop for lunch at the side of a road. We eat bread and a can of chocolate milk. Dad manages to step in some human crap. For snack after lunch we have a cantaloupe. Everyone loves cantaloupe!

We head out of Alabama with me in shotgun, I'm supposed to map read. Ah well, keeps me entertained, I love having conversations. We do notice some very interesting signs, where do we go now? We enter Mississippi and take pictures of the welcome sign.

The drive is boring, but I am the first one to hear that me might go camping in a national park in northern Mississippi. Holly Springs National Forest is what it was called. We camp in the Chewalla Camping Grounds. We meet a VERY sweet stray dog, he has no owner. We think that someone left him at the forest 'cause they didn't want him anymore. How could someone live with themselves know that they left their dog somewhere!? Anyway, I entertain the dog and he seems to love me. He even sleeps next to my tent at night! What a sweet dog! I even ended up making a leash for him! He always obeyed my commands and never went into the tents.

We leave to go to Oxford for dinner, Mom is in the mood for BBQ. On the road, we notice how VERY green it is in Mississippi! Oh, so green!

We find a very nice restaurant called the Rib Cage, in which the food was delicious! We even get complimentary cups! We go to a very nice private owned book store as well, if only we had that in Ellicott City! We have some very yummy home made ice cream, and head out.

It's time to go back home. Well, not home, but the campsite. I'm sure that kitty misses us by now, we have been gone for 3 days. We arrive at the campsite and basically go to sleep. We crossed a time zone, so we are one hour behind. It was 9:05 there, so 10:05 at home. We all go to sleep, and the stray dog comes and lies next to my tent, what a sweet dog!

I really do miss Kitty... I hope that she has become a little nicer to Ms. Bonie... We want her to know that she has not been abandoned, and that we still love her. But how can we tell her that in a way she can understand? Anything short of going home I will do.



Craig Cecil wrote on June 29, 2007 at 15:37:35:

OK, now the story of the stray dog really got to me, since I am a huge dog lover. Now, for some time I will be wondering about that dog :-(

Eric Grivel wrote on July 1, 2007 at 10:11:08:

Hi Craig. Yeah, even though I'm not too fond of dogs myself, I felt really sorry for the little thing. I have to warn you, though: Mississippi is not a state for you. We saw one dog wandering around after another. I'm assuming they were stray dogs, they were just wandering along the side of the roads. We never did figure out if this is something peculiar to Mississippi...