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Road Trip 2015

by Eric, Nicoline, Frank, Mark, Jenny

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May 8: Starting Back

We have agreed that we will leave at nine in the morning to start the drive back. Our goal is to get back into the Eastern Time timezone, hopefully somewhere in Kentucky. That way, we will have a reasonable driving distance both today and tomorrow.

Nicoline and Eric wake up early, as per usual, and walk over to the Treme Coffeehouse ( for a coffee-and-muffin breakfast. By the time they get back, Frank, Mark and Jenny have waken up and we can start packing the car.

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The drive back is not very eventful. As on the drive down, we change drivers about every two hours, allowing us to stretch our legs, change seats so we all get a chance to sit in the front, and of course get gas.

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We take a slightly different route back, to avoid Nashville. This brings us through five states today: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

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Partly due to the hour we lose in the timezone change, partly due to the traffic we hit every now and then, it’ll already be past seven by the time we get to Knoxville so we decide we’ll stop there for the night. Mark manages to find a hotel with a “waterpark” which by now sounds entirely enticing.

Shout out to Mark for finding that swimming pool. Pairs nicely with the very first vacation we took you guys on. In Zeeland, I think?—Nicoline

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Dinner is at Puléo’s Grille, after which we check into the Quality Inn hotel. The waterpark is no exaggeration. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to stretch all our limbs in the water, and especially the hot tub is great.

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That left picture is in honor of our anniversary, which is what this trip was about in the first place :-).—Eric


Tomorrow will be the last day of the trip...

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