Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Website about?

This website is about Nicoline’s and Eric’s 2013 trip up the eastcoast. We have started preparing for the trip which will take place in August and September.

What is the main feature of the site?

The main features is the Trip Diary section. In this section, we will keep an on-line diary of our trip. From the diary, we will have links to photos.

How often does the site get updated?

Prior to the actual trip, we will occasionally update the website with progress about our preparations. While we are on vacation, our goal will be to experience America, not to trek from one Internet hotspot to the next one.

Having said that, we expect to have Internet access regularly, and will try to update the website at those times.

If you want to follow us more closely, you can sign up to get an email notification when the site gets updated. Just log in and select the Send me an email notification option in your Preferences.

Do I have to register to see the site?

No, the entire site is visible to everyone. However, there are advantages to registering (which is free, and easy). When you are registered, you can leave comments. You can also sign up for automatic notification of a site update.

Can I leave comments?

Definitely! To leave comments, you need to be logged in to the site. Just click on the Add a Comment link below a diary entry and start writing.

Comments are available for the diary entries, not for the photos. Photos are intended as illustrations for diary entries, so please give your comment in the trip diary.

When we have Internet access, we will not only update the website, but also download all comments. We won’t feel out of touch when we read your comments!

Can I “like” or “plus” something?

We’re not facebook or Google, sorry. If you enjoy something we wrote, please tell us in a comment!

Do I have to register again if I registered for your previous trips?

If you registered on the “Explore I-70” website for our 2012 vacation, you should still be registered here. Send me a note if you don’t remember your username or the email address you used. If you know your user name but can’t remember your password, please use the Password Reset function to request a new password.