August 30, 2013

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Nicoline Maine
Nicoline (August 30, 2013)

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A lot of driving today. We took I-95 from Mystic, Conn. into Maine. A lot of memories on the way, like when we passed the exit for Danvers, Mass. We remembered staying in there in 2007. Mark came down with an ear infection and he and I spent an afternoon getting a Rx for antibiotics at a local hospital. I guess they didn't have walk-in medical clinics then... Eric took Frank to look at planes flying in and out of Logan Airport and had to deal with rather hair-raising Boston traffic... I think we still have the cotton wool I bought for Mark :-)

After we entered Maine, we switched to U.S. route 1 and a host of local roads, because Eric absolutely wanted to see the Biddeford Light House. It took some doing to get there, but very pretty pictures. Route 1 reminded me of nothing so much as the over-developed tourist areas in the Black Hills of S.D. or the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, Tenn. The only thing that kept it from being quite as bad as Hilton Head, S.C. was the fact that we saw only one mini golf course and two regular golf links :-) After we had gotten all the pictures we needed of the Biddeford Light House we drove along state route 9 for quite a while, until we got tired of it and switched to I-295 to get past Portland.

We arrived at Richmond Inn in Richmond at about 4.30 p.m. and spent an hour or two unwinding, before heading into Richmond to find something to eat. We ended up at the Old Goat pub, which served a great pizza, as well as a very large selection of beer. I started out with a German beer they had on draught, and later tried an ale called Old Rasputin, which kind of did me in for the night. So if you don't mind, I'm keeping it short and turning in early.

Henk Smits wrote on August 31, 2013 at 3:18:02:

Hoi, was het bier lekker. Ik vind de fotos mooi, vooral de foto boven aan de site.


Nicoline Smits wrote on August 31, 2013 at 22:18:40:

't Was een tikkie bitter, maar vooral ook koppig :-) Nou ja, je bent op vakantie of je bent het niet, he? We hebben dat vuurtorentje in het echt gezien, de eerste dag dat we in Maine waren. Dit plaatje heeft Eric gewoon ergens van internet geplukt. Niet zeggen, he?!


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Eric Arriving in Maine
Eric (August 30, 2013)

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Today was supposed to be the day we would, for the first time in our live, enter the state of Maine. And it was, but of course we first had some driving to do, because yesterday we ended up in an Econolodge in Mystic, CT. Due to the fact that the states in the Northeast seem to be stingy with welcome centers (we didn't find one entering either New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island or Massachusetts) we didn't have a map to go by, but of course the route wasn't hard: just follow I-95.

We did find a New Hampshire welcome center and got outselves a map of that state, and then we finally did enter Maine. Yes, this is state number 47 of the states we have been to (although admittedly not all of them were visited extensively). Only Oklahoma, Alaska and Hawaii left to go.

Next goal: find the Maine welcome center. I had looked that one up on-line, because I had wanted to make sure we had a place to get tourist information and a map of the state. supposedly it was at exit 3. So we took exit 3, following a sign to an information point, drove a mile or two through outlet stores and other strip malls, but no welcome center. In the end we decided to ask for directions, which we did - in a candy store called "Yummies." Very dangerous, of course, but we managed to get out with only a few liquorice bags :-).

We did find the welcome center, got our map, and had lunch there. From there, we continued on US-1, and later on state route 9, through Kennebunkport and other summer vacation towns to a place called Biddeford, where the Wood Island Lighthouse (the lighthouse at the top of this page) is found. I took a series of photos of that lighthouse, so that I can one day change the banner of this site to a photo of my own.

From Biddeford we continued along the coast for a while until we got back on US-1, and then we took I-295 up to Richmond, ME. Here we have rooms in a Bed and Breakfast called "Richmond Sauna," a clothing-optional B&B with a sauna, hot tub and swimming pool.

We relaxed with a book and a swim before heading into the town of Richmond, where we had dinner in "The Old Goat" pub. Pizza, and Nicoline had an interesting beer.

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