Welcome to the Grivel Website. This site is dedicated to researching and distributing just a tiny piece of human knowledge: information about the surname Grivel. However, I will try to do this one little task as well as possible.

For years, I have been fascinated with the rarity of my own Grivel surname. With the advent of the Internet, I started to get some idea of how rare this name actually is, and my desire to know more about it grew. I just wished there was a place where I could learn all about this name. Finally, I decided to create this place myself, and here it is: the Grivel Website.

To navigate this site, please use the menu at the left. There are two main sections: the General area (where you are now) and the Database area containing an abstract of my genealogical database.

Other Sites

This Grivel Website has been registered with the following genealogical and surname sites. I appreciate their links to my site and gladly provide a link back to them.

Grivel Company

If you are looking for information about climbing tools, you will probably want to go to Grivel Mont Blanc, the Italian company that manufactures all kinds of climbing equipment.